Sunday, January 25, 2009

Ageing , slow poison for eternity !!!

Clock is like a time bomb that is ticking over eternity. Some body said 'You cannot kill time without injuring eternity'. How true !!

How you normally know that you have lost lot of time and only little time left ?? I used to go through this tumultous expreience when I write my Engineering exams, or during my b'days when i will suddenly realizethat I am one year older...during new year ...a time when you sit back and think that what the **** have i done in last one year....most of the times ..from my personal experience the stark realisation is not that enchanting..noramlly you feel that you haven't utilized the time as it was supposed to be utilized...well that feeling is intricately woven to the genetic setup of the human beings..the feeling that it is not english the word used is greed !!! But to be frank and whether you like it or not, good time or bad time , that is the only time that you have got !!!

Well,some time the feeling is authentic.... damn did nothing last year..atleast couple of times i had the same feeling in my entire life...but ya.. i feel it is ok as the feeling is quite frequent...last year was good for me i guess ., even though I didn't completely achieved all those things that i planned for, I atleast tried to give it all a 'try'...not bad !!

But one thing I did noticed that I have missed, is the fact that I haven't published any thing in my blog for last one year..well I did write and saved it in the oblivion of the bloggers unpublished repository..I didn't published any of them... one obvious reason is the absence of the person that used to push me to write and publish....well...some one I accidently bumped up aganist in the electronic jungle of internet and who went away some where with out leaving a trace... :-)..... ya it was told to me that it will happen some days ... i was aware ...still !!!

The place from where I come from ..there is a common adage and it goes like this '' migrating birds neither sow nor reap....they are just guests for few days'' well true, they are guests for few days and after which they just disappear in to the wide horizons and move with the sun...very true...but they always leave back some feathers that they shed during the days they have stayed back as guest...and some people preserve those feathers as a momento for those wonderful days, with a silent prayer in the corner of the heart...'' my friend..where ever you go..may the god bless you... !!!''