Tuesday, January 15, 2008

lies,big lies and statastics !!!!!!!

Ya,, some one said so and it is so true my dear...what you think ?? be it in your work place , your personal space or your relations... statistics always play a big and heinous role...the role of a bargainer/negotiator and now n then a big time destructor.....the very core nature of people to note down the points and set on the stop watch about what all things had been done and what to be done plays a significant and at times a dirty role ...so statistics mostly sucks.... but at times it is a necessary evil to make the other person realize that ' ,,,yaw ,,some thing need to be done ' intelligent people use it judiciously.... :-)

During my early adolescent years and before I became completely aware of the dire need of being honest, I had developed a very unique skill of lying dry. There is a general feeling that people tend avoid eye contact while lying,that was the exact point that I was specialized in ... to bluff while directly staring in to the iris of the person to whom you are talking . I could safely boast that at that moment even a humming bird couldn't call my bluff... :-). The fine and silky sooth art of deception...

Ya...To be honest all of us are liars....only difference is that some of us does that so beautifully after making sure that it have all the finite texture of an ultimate truth...all in the game... :) wat u say ,, uh ??