Thursday, November 01, 2007

Seconds that lasts a little bit longer than usual..

Today when I woke up it was 9 o clock in my watch. But when I logged in to my laptop after one hour I saw it is still 9 o clock. I was a little bit confused. The whole idea of frozen time was a nice & interesting concept as such to think about, but I was a bit hesitant to believe that it actually happened :-). Then suddenly the idea of day light saving struck me. It is October 28 and today I have got one hour extra in my life. It is one of a rare phenomenon where the precision of time is budging a bit to accommodate the necessity of human beings. (Or is it that we make ourselves believe so??)

I don't no whether you have ever experienced that in your life ; certain moments extending more than it is intended to be. Seconds that last more than a second!!!.

I had quite a few such moments in my life. it happens when you are parting with some one whom you really care about or one whom u know you are loosing for ever.itz then when u feel that time has got frozen and a deafening silence pervade all over .it is sought of stillness that run deep... real deep...acute stillness that penetrate in to your nerves and make you numb.

itz the emotions of the people involved ;that breathe life in to those frozen moments. It is the moment that you feel you are in the gateway to transcendence and you sincerely pray let clock stop ticking for ever. It is then when the words that you speak have got a space of infinity between them and those words would be suspended in the fine silk thread of your emotion and thoughts, having a mass much more than it is designed to be carrying, embllelished by the delicate flavour of love and longing. (You feel it is foolishness that you try to express your feelings through the medium of language. oh, my good god in heavens, what a mediocre medium the language is when it comes to the expression of our own feelings). Then one wink of an eyelid can express feelings that even a trillion words will fail to convey.

It is then when the silence will become eloquent and words become irrelevant. Then Silence and expanded time will catapult you in to a space where ordinary words can only point towards to. itz the defining moment ,when we really understand the significance of that person in our life. it is altogether a different dimension, where you confront the starkly truth and you suddenly realize the vacuum that it is going to be created in our life .Suddenly the clock will start ticking again, with an explosive effect and you will find yourself precariously positioned against the emotionless and cold face of time !!!! .