Sunday, July 01, 2007

Madly in love with the rain !

Monsoon is back, it rains beautifully in kerala now, and it is the place where the rain is born ! .

Now a days they are aggressively marketing and is well on the way of perfecting "monsoon tourism.". Kerala is naturally and uniquely poised to cash in on the heavenly phenomenon & the natural synergy between the monsoon and ayurveda is another added advantage. (Courtesy : Kerala tourism & Anita nair ) .

As the rains engross Kerala with that orthodox dose of sogginess n copiousness, I used to celebrate each drops of seasonal precipitations with much of a joy and freshness.

During my school dayz even though it was very much inconvenient during rainy season to commute , carrying heavy back packs and pretend to be attentive with moisture feeling in atmosphere, I always relished that sweet sound and rhythm of torrential rain impinging in to the roof top of class room.

During evenings after returning from school and while savoring in the evening snacks sitting in the wood plated half wall in front of my home I used to sincerely pray for rain. I used to close my eyes and try to concentrate in order find out whether there is any trace of that enigmatic murmur of emerging rain, it was a feeling that I used to rejoice. The energy, aplomb and at times the ferocity and luxuriance with which a rain sets in is is indeed a remarkable feeling. It is the time when the heavens touch the earth. It is time when sky opens its mind and it is greenery all over after that.

I also used to cherish the feeling of swimming in the pond in my home's compound while it is raining cat’s n dogs. Especially when dusk is setting in and the mystery of darkness is prevailing in the other side of the pond. Darkness associated with a mystery is always a temptation that a human being can't resist; swimming to wards that mystery with savagery of a monsoon rain in the back ground was a sought of an addiction that I used to exert with a twinge of daunted sensation in the back drop of my mind.

During night when I watch the rain from my bed room at first floor, I could see the rain drops flowing down towards earth through the edges of coconut leaves n competing to each other, it was an immaculate sight. Again while sleeping ; the back ground music of night rain was a sought of catalyst for a peaceful and tight sleep , I simply adored that experience .The serenity and calmness of the night rain is always a beautiful feeling.

I always believed rain have a female gender. I think so since it have all the salient features of a so called complete women (wink...). It is exquisitely beautiful,itz graceful,itz mysterious, it is calm,itz serene, itz caring ,itz sophisticated ,itz internally strong yet gentle ,itz fresh and itz gorgeous, genuinely 100 % feminine !!!

I was always madly in love with the rain!!!.