Thursday, April 19, 2007

Not all rendezvous are interesting :

Yesterday I left office early as I had to pick up my friend/collegemate/class mate from Sahar airport. It was as usual a busy evening and andheri-kurla road was flooded with vehicles.Any way my rickshawala was smart enough to sneak thru the traffic and push our self in to the airport road..I was already late, he told me it will be around 6 pm but I calculated the check out time time and air traffic at mumbai air port and decided'' no way, before 8'' ok..fine my judgement was accurate enough...I got a call as soon as I entered airport road...he was asking "where the hell are you"...I replied "with in your reach babaeeee..."

I was meeting him after a gap of of one year...enough things/gosspis was there to be exchanged.well he was telling about his plight ..started from mexico almost 56 hrs before coverd full world...via madrid-dubai to mumbai..and he lost his baggages in transit...poor chap I thought..

after fresh up we thought we will just go out as he had some thing to shop.. we went to galleria and he wanted to buy a shoe..'stupid fellow ' coming from other part of the world to buy a shoe...I told him the same as well...he discarded my remark with utter sad.. :-). As soon as he was about to enter in to loft ,,security stopped and told 'boss shop is closed' ,great ! I thought....

Suddenly i rememberd one thing...I am hungry !!! Ok, fine let us go to a restuarent, I suggested ...why not a resto bar , he counterd ..fair enough..I accepted.... it was not an easy task to convince one rickshaw wallah about the business opportunity he will get , if he take us to IIT main gate as it would be difficult for him to get one return trip from there...

I tried to negotiate with three, all failed!!...I told my friend try..He started ...failed....good I thought..the body language of these guys when we ask them , are you willing to take us to a particualr place is so amusing you will defenitely measure your patience to the is as if he is doing you a favour ..for which he will think for a couple of minutes ..will not even look at our face and will keep their face a dead will repeat.. will you or not ?? he will slowly look at the opposite side then towards you then , if he may consider your self lucky......during this time consuming and stressful excercise I had many time spotted the area between their ear and neck ...I always find it very difficult to restrain myself from landing a tight fisted blow .....ttttttttttooooooooooooooooooo irritating mate.,.......

after some failed attempts we were able to get in to a rick....and it dumped us`in the troughs of IIT main gate area and we slided in to one of the restaurant/bar ..dim lighted atmosphere and we could manage to get in to one off the table in the corner and was about to sit....suddenly I was pulled 3 years back ..just opposite to our table I found our mechanical engineering professor...Meeting a former teacher might be an enlightening experience ...but not certainly in a bar....especially if the teacher recogonise you and you recognise him ....:-) , my friend was totally at self atleast was aware that he is doing his M.Tech in IIT , but my friend was having no clue....I mumbled some courtesy words....He responded some thing..I am sure he was also not ware what he had said....I could mangae to tell my friend......" dont waste time ..eject "......

we were again on the pavement....I told him.. "it is fine we will go to another restuareant near by" we were walking I heard my friend mumbling....'' No more teacher's from our college should be allowed to do his M.Tech...especially at mumbai IIT.....'' :-)


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