Monday, November 06, 2006

The Making of a relation & the hour glass impact .............

Have you ever thought how a casual meeting or just a hello will lead to a life long friend ship/relationship ..which will become an integral part of our life ???

I used to think what make people attract to each it in any relation other than blood relation ..say between two friends ,between colluges...ya between lovers.....No one know the exact chemistry of a successful relation isn't it....ya,if there is any proven theory or tried and tested method then how easy it would have been isn't it..... :)

As they say ...'As you sow ,so shall you reap'....they way in which you interact and respond to the stimuli of the other person may be the deciding factor...:) ....Many a time i had felt that you should play the role of an amplifier and a selective black hole alternatively and as time demands in your relations.......that you should absorb all the negative vibes with out responding and reflect all the positive vibes with an amplified effect.....sounds bit technical right....umm... relations are also not that easy to define isn't it..:)

is it that it has been some where already written ya decided who all should meet and who all shouldn't ? May be or may be not ..But I strongly feels that if you are destined to meet you will...if not how can I explain those relations which begin as just a casual 'hi ' started to make long lasting impact in your that extent that it started influencing the way in which you interact with others or even the way in which you think....

Those are the relations which dosen't have a classification .....which you can never ever define a boundary condition...and you value it that much even after acknowledging the fact that you are bound to loose it,you keep it close to your heart despite knowing that each and every second you try to hold it close to you ,like enbracing a cactus plant it bleeds you....but still you find the solace thinking that ....even in the most arid desert cactus survives........and that is the beauty of it.......

When thinking about the fate of such relations which you are bound to loose due to the precision of the ultimate truth 'time' ....I wonder how an Hour glass will be feeling when the sand starts to tickle down through itz narrow bottle neck......

ya,some where deep inside your mind you starts to prepare your self to hear those words ..........' Time is up'...........:)


Blogger Sasi Kumar said...


5:49 PM  
Blogger binu said...

@sasi: Thanx..:)

6:03 PM  
Blogger Deepti said...

Awesome.... ur navigation thru emotions has left me speechless....
I quite identify wit above...

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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