Sunday, March 12, 2006

Being Mr.Sudhakaran........................................

"My father is a Super Man" Ya... that was my impression about him since the time i have started memorising things...

when I was a small child I used to see him only during that casual leaves ......I thought why ?? ..... later i came to know that he is an army man..... working in Armed medical corps..
The picture I have got in my mind as a child about my father is he wearing a white shirt sitting in the courtyard in the evening smoking scissors .( He later quit smoking by taking last puffs right infront of me sayng that ''baba, see these are last ,I am quitting smoking. I thought c'on dad itz not going to work.... itz not easy to give up a habbit ur pursing for last 40 yrs in just one day...but oh boy!!! i was terribly wrong . He never smoked after that..)

... I still remember my mother praying in the evening during sandyadeepam when she came to know that he was transferred to Punjab... it was in mid 80's .... I was too small to know who terrorists are... but the severity n seriousness in my amma's prayer made me feel that a terrorist is some one who has got the attitude n looks of raksha's in Ramand sagar's Ramayana !!!!!.....

After returning from army ... i was in my 3rd standard he went to gulf for next 11 years ... and after that for last 7 years he is happily settled in my home taking care of farm,paddy feild n 3-4 cows we have got...... ... my father rise early and milk the cows ,feed them... he is 65 now ... still he carries that orderliness ,discipline in all the things he do..some thing which i try but never able to accomplish.

(do u know guyz ... i felt these characters to be quite unnecessary when i was in my school days.... but later i started recognising that he is damn right and the feeling that he can neverbe wrong is so deep rooted in my mind now.......the experience he have gained through years can never be substituted by any thing........ how ever better qualified be am than him...... these are certain tit bits of information that will slowly sink in to your mind as you grow older...)

I feel that our older generation had a hell lot of experience in their life .... which is awsome.... my father when he is in his prime mood used to tell.... his experience .....his schooling..... daily 5 kms of walk to school n back followed by his sister (my aunt) .... days when it will be raining cat n dogs and all those small brooks n river overflowing ...... those stormy evenings and flood .... the difficulties he had faced being from a big family with agricultural background with lot of paddy feilds and a hill full of coconut trees ,pepper n arecanut... his adventures in school n later army...

(he is not that sort of guy who boast that ''I am a soldier who have seen three wars'' n all...
may be because me n my sister thwarts any such plan right in the bud...when amma is away from home itz he cooks food for us.. and we used to pay back our thanks by saying that '' dad you cooks so well it seems u were a cook in army"!!! (any of those chefs reading this pls dont get offended i personally feels that it is a wonderful job.... )

he is an ordinary human being who criticize you when u r wasting something,he dont know to drive,struggle to reply when some one speak to him in english,wont understand when i talk to him about hardaware n software ....But he is a guy with heart full of warmth.... and with hell lot of experience and a right attitude ... an attitude u need to be a good human being..... and i always used to feel I will be a real acheiver when I am able to reach to his levels of emotional quotient , balanced thinking and honesty.....And he has got a unique style n sense of humor which surfaces only occassionally..... but at that time he is the best...

So when some one address me as 'Mr.Sudhakaran' esp in office or when i call up customercare,I really feel proud....that for me is much more valuable than any other certificate........ the feeling that i am born to a father who is a gentle man.......


Anonymous Sudhi Nair said...

Excellent post..that was a honest and awsome post.

3:00 PM  
Blogger Deepti said...

Cool....nice sentiments, rarely have I seen such Respect and gratitude towards parents..reminds me wat i'm missing myself...
Also loved ur one line in earlier blogs that "Life is Something that changes appearence based on one's perception"
How true.....

1:27 PM  
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